3d plans and sections

3D Plans and Sections, once upon a time, were simply extruded construction drawings – where details were often minimal and vague. Modern 3D visualisation now acts as a valuable asset in the understanding of relationships between rooms in a building, or between furniture in a room. As an entire area can be seen in one image, every aspect of the project has to be carefully thought out and meticulously designed.

Our team can create as detailed or as simple a layout as you need. From simple, flat 2D plans and sections where only furniture or plot layouts are required, to full 3D – where you can explore the spaces as connected environments. This latter option is valuable where a concept may not be limited to one room or area of a room, but delivered over an entire cluster of rooms or floors.

Using 3D plans in design development

Visuals showing 3D Plans and sections easily enable designers, builders and end users to visualise design concepts and ideas. This is because they allow people – particularly the end user – to see how rooms or objects may interact in a 3D environment.

By using this unique perspective, you are able to fully visualise the narrative that many designers are expressing in their designs. Because 3D plans and sections allow you to visualise a larger area, you are also able to adopt a more empathetic approach to the design solution.

3D plans in marketing

3D plans and sections – or cut-out visuals – are not only able to show layouts, like we often see on estate agent websites, but they can also give a unique perspective on how you can use a space.

Eye-catching visuals can be easily produced and distributed via websites, marketing brochures or through public notices and documents, helping to sell ideas and concepts. Some images can also be stylised or taken at angles which a professional photographer would not be able to obtain or reach, such as cut-outs, sections or aerial images.

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