panoramas and google cardboard

Panoramas and VR really do offer the next step in 3D visuals and 3D images. They have been around for a while now for a variety of reasons. They have proven very popular with estate agents and for marketing purposes over the years – but since developments in technology have advanced with Google Cardboard at one end, and with specialist virtual reality headsets at the other, demand for these types of images has increased dramatically. They’ve become a large factor in architectural visualisation, and we are therefore proud to be able to offer comprehensive VR sweeps and panoramas to our customers in need of building visualisations.

The process is no more complicated than carrying out any other interior visualisations – but, unlike other static images, it does mean every part of the space has to be carefully considered, designed and then modelled to a high level of detail. The great advantage with panoramic images is that they can offer a virtual tour of the space that is being designed long before a single brick is laid, and all from a remote location. It’s not surprising that panoramic guides are still so popular – and the rise of Google Street View is to thank for much of its mainstream attention.

While the ability to walk around the space is still in its infancy, and at present we are only able to use this technology to stand in a single place (and look around 360°), there is still a lot of excitement about this fairly new and developing technology. CRISP3D is closely following its development, new software and workflows, to ease the visualisation process and add it to the services we provide. Our team strive to stay at the forefront of all technology relating to architectural visualisation – and we’re looking forward to seeing where VR and panoramas take us in future.

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