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Room Visualisation of a Loft Conversion

Using Room Visualisations to create inspiring spaces from storage areas

If you own a terraced, detached or semi-detached property, then in all likelihood you have an attic, or loft space.  It’s often forgotten about, left to languish above the landing where not much really comes out, but plenty goes in – it’s a space where non-necessities go to hide, and is sometimes where an awful lot of great space is wasted on bric-a-brac and all manner of possessions!  Lofts and attics have long been neglected as impromptu storage areas which – for many of us, let’s face it – could really do with a good sort-out.  For many people, however, a loft or attic is something different entirely – when converted, it can become an entirely new room, and – shock horror – a space for you to invite guests or even have people stay in! If you have been inspired by the internet, a friend or something you have seen on TV, many people are using Room visualisations to get those ideas into those spaces, which highlights the potential, and design elements that may need a bit more thought.

Visualize your ideas for that forgotten space.

Attics and lofts do need plenty of work when it comes to conversion – you have to consider insulation, plumbing, electricity and more if you are considering making it into a fully-fledged living area.  However, many builders and construction firms are more flexible than you may think on this front.  It’s a very contemporary move to open up your home as much as possible, and there is certainly a big market out there for bespoke design and creation.  You’ll find that designers and construction experts are far less squeamish about complex ideas these days!

What’s even better is that they can have a good idea of what the final project will look like with the assistance of room visualisation.  CRISP3D’s interior visualisation services, for example, take into account your desires for a refurbished loft space and account for all the mathematics and practicalities – providing you with a brilliant window into the future and any professionals with the data and visual stimulus to bring your ideas to life.  It’s thanks to our brilliant software and expert designers that we are able to bring rooms to life long before work has even started – and marketers, builders and homeowners alike can all benefit from a little visualisation.

Simply unlock potential value of unused space.

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